Community Service

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens up the burden of another.

Through the years, students of South City International School have been visiting, sponsoring meals, providing with necessities, spending quality time with the elderly residents of various old age homes like Little Sisters of the Poor, Tollygunge Homes, organisations like Hope Foundation, providing assistance to HelpAge India, Tiljala Shed and Responsible Charity. Students along with the teachers and principal have visited the Yaas cyclone devastated areas of Sunderbans. Some senior students have also launched ‘Send a Meal’ which has provided meals to more than 1800 Covid positive patients, Covid frontline workers and the needy. And we are still continuing our journey to reaching out to our less privileged brothers and sisters.

Socially responsible citizens:

Long Term projects

South City International School has joined hands with various NGOs like Hope Foundation, Tollygunge Homes, Little Sisters of the Poor, Responsible Charity, HelpAge India, Premashree and Ektara Foundation and so on, to reach out to the less privileged.

Morpheus Fest Fundraiser

The annual school fest of South City International School—Morpheus, started its journey in 2019. However, Morpheus is much more than just a school fest. The funds collected in the ‘Fundraiser event’ are donated to help some social cause. In Morpheus 2019, ₹1,12,861 had been raised through the ‘Fundraiser event’.

The proceeds from the fundraiser went as follows:

  • A part of it went to ‘Aashaniketan’ to provide for the medicines of their mentally challenged boarders.
  • ₹30,000 was donated to ‘Responsible Charity’, a philanthropic institution, to buy a laptop for their Pune centre.
  • A part of it was used to sponsor for sanitary napkins for sixty-five underprivileged women for a year.

About ₹70,000 was raised in the ‘Fundraiser event’, of Morpheus 2020 (which was held online), the proceeds of which went to distribution of sanitary napkins at ‘Sarada Ashram’, an ashram for underprivileged women in rural area. In Morpheus 2021 (also held online), the funds raised in the fundraiser event, went to an NGO called Prajaak.

The Face of Maturity

The proceedings of this fundraiser went as follows:

  • The school donated about ₹3700 to the NGO Little Sisters of the Poor who were facing a major need of necessities like Ration, basic hygiene products, etc.
  • The students donated ration like 10kgs of Dal, 15 kg of Sugar, 20 Kg of Rice and 15 kg of Flour.
  • A donation of ₹5000 was made to an NGO, Responsible Charity which works towards the holistic development of underprivileged people
  • For about ₹4000, the school procured Necessity Items like Sanitary Napkins, Ration to aid two victims of human trafficking.

Voicing Youth

Voicing Youth is a global youth-led initiative undertaken by some of the senior students of South City International School, working towards Youth Empowerment and Education. In June 2021, they had set up a drop box in school, for Old books and stationery wherein they collected 300+ educational resources like story books, text books, pencil boxes and donated the story books to an NGO called ‘Ektara’.

And the good work continues …
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