The School's international and national education programmes

Active Class The Montessori system, much in use world-wide, is known as the best form of pre- school engagement of children. The first six years of life are those when a human being enjoys the fastest brain development. This happens spontaneously and unobtrusively under three conditions:

  • Basic genetic endowment
  • Least injunctive parents (less of don’ts drummed into their ears), and
  • Presence of what is known as the Montessori environment, fully satisfying the requirement of the absorbent mind to learn concentration in the first phase, control and coordination in the second phase, and purposeful activssity guided by the will in the third phase. By the time the child is five, he has dramatically transformed himself into an intellectually, sensorially and muscularly developed and balanced human being.

The University of Cambridge International system for Primary and Middle school education appropriately blended with the curricula offered by the Inter-State Board of Anglo-Indian education ensures systematic development of linguistic, mathematical and experiential skills, working individually and in groups. Social studies are so structured as to promote engagement with social issues and inter-cultural prospective, engagement in art and craft, designing and sculpting, music and dance, mind games and intellectual interactions, yoga and aerobics etc. all of which are actively encouraged to develop multiple skills and intelligences.

Both the ICSE and ISC curricula are offered by one of the best acclaimed national Boards. On the foundation laid by the Montessori and the Cambridge systems, the ICSE and ISC prescribed curricula provide the best channel for progression of children into higher studies in areas of their choice, aptitude and predilection.

Concurrently, alternative choices of international system will be offered (subject to approval and affiliation of the respective International Boards)

Cambridge International Examination (CIE) for I.G.C.S.E (Class IX & X) & AS/A Level (Class XI & XII). Students with overseas study ambitions in diverse even unconventional disciplines in this fast globalizing world will, on successful completion of these courses, have ready access to the front-ranking Universities abroad. There will also be, when the courses are on, repeated opportunities for cross-country student and teacher exchanges, accessing of content-rich classroom presentations abroad, and abundant cross-fertilization of thoughts and ideas. These international courses at the high school stage are best calculated to promote global mindset built on strong indigenous cultural moorings.